International Solidarity Messages to 15th Congress of PSM

29 June 2013

PSM's 15th Congress has received solidarity messages from fraternal parties/organisations from Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, the Philippines and Sweden.

Socialist Alliance, Australia

The Socialist Alliance is very pleased to be able to attend and present greetings to the PSM’s 15thNational Congress. We hope and believe that the discussions, debates, decisions and plans made during the congress will make an important contribution to building a stronger party and movement to win the battle for socialism in Malaysia.

In a world in which capitalism has devastated the lives of billions of people through exploitation, war and poverty, it is only through the struggle for socialism that we can hope to find solutions and a future for the majority.

The 1426 billionaires in the world today own a combined fortune of US$5.4 trillion. They use that obscene wealth and power to enslave the majority of the world's people.

But capitalism is in deep crisis today. The huge mobilisations and general strikes against neoliberal austerity across Europe, the arrival of the Arab Spring, now spreading to Turkey, and the rise of revolution and socialism of the 21st century in Latin America, are posing the most significant challenge to global capitalism since the Russian Revolution.

Alongside this, capitalism’s irrational pursuit of greater and greater profits has reached the point of threatening the very habitability of the planet on which we all live. This year, for the first time in 3 million years, the carbon concentrations in the Earth's atmosphere reached 400 parts per million. When CO2 concentrations were last above 400ppm, global temperatures were 3-4 degrees and sea levels were 5-40 metres higher than they are today.

It has never been more urgent that the billions of people enslaved by capitalism resist and strive to replace this rotten system with one based on shared wealth, cooperation, justice and ecological sustainability – socialism of the 21st century.

We send our solidarity to all comrades in the PSM in their daily struggles for such a future, and congratulate you on your hard-fought election campaign last month. We are especially pleased to note the growth in PSM membership as a result of that election campaign.

In Australia, the Socialist Alliance will be contesting the September 14 federal election. The election takes place in a context in which, while the standard of living for ordinary people is much higher than most countries, the gap between rich and poor is widening rapidly as the capitalists and their governments intensify their attacks on the working class and other oppressed sectors, and on the social concessions won through years of struggle.

The Australian Labor Party government continues to restrain any militant fight-back against these attacks, and is confusing and dividing the working class by promoting the racist scapegoating of refugees and asylum seekers. This is paving the way for a Liberal-National election victory, and an escalation in the attacks.

The main message of the Socialist Alliance’s election campaign will be that, in the name of justice and for our common future, we must take the wealth out of the hands of the billionaires by nationalising the mining, banking and energy sectors and placing them under community control.

At the same time, the Socialist Alliance is also working hard to progress unity discussions between our party and Socialist Alternative - the two largest socialist organisations in Australia. If it is successful, such unity will help build a stronger pole of socialist leadership for the desperately needed fight-back and win more of the working class and other oppressed sectors to the struggle to end capitalism.

As our members carry out this work and our ongoing campaigning against war, racism, sexism, environmental destruction and for workers’ rights in Australia, we constantly draw inspiration and learn from the PSM’s principled and tireless battles for genuine democracy, human rights, and popular control of the economy and politics in Malaysia.

We greatly value and look forward to strengthening the collaboration between our parties, which has enriched the Socialist Alliance’s understanding of the struggle for socialism, and is an important contribution to strengthening the forces for socialism internationally.

Wishing you a very successful congress and many victories ahead.

Long live the PSM! Long live socialism!

Susan Price & Peter Boyle, National Co-convenors, Socialist Alliance


Australia Asia Worker Links (AAWL)

Solidarity greetings from Australia Asia Worker Links.

In these times of continuing capitalist economic crisis, it is us, the workers who are made to pay.

In our globalised economy, companies operate across the world stage, always on the look out for where they can maximise their profits.

For us, this means ongoing pressures to work faster, harder, longer, and for less pay.

We also face continual cost cutting in our workplaces leading to an erosion to our health and safety (OHS) standards.

For companies, OHS is a cost that impacts on their profits. For us, OHS can mean the difference between health and sickness, living or being killed at work.

We are also made more insecure with casualisation, contracting out, privatisation, and sub contracting out becoming widespread all over the world.

This insecurity is used to undermine our ability to fight, to organise and to win better conditions.

The need for organisation, the need for unity, the need for strategy, the need for international organising and action is an urgent task for all of us.

We are facing a global crisis that requires a global response.

AAWL would like to wish you all the best for your 15th National Congress and looks forward to working together in the future.

In international solidarity and unity,

Piergiorgio (Pier) Moro, AAWL Co-ordinator


Die Linke, Germany

We,the party DIE LINKE in Germany send our warm greetings to our comrades of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia. First of all we want to express our deep respect for your engaged election campaign. We noticed the optimistic atmosphere before elections with pleasure. For the first time there was a true chance to stop the national UMNO-coalition and to start new future for Malaysia with new people and new organizations in power. We also admire your capability building alliances, joining with other political parties and groups for a broader opposition coalition to use this new chance of changing Malaysia’s politics. And within this process you represented the Parti Sosialis Malaysia with your own profile and self-confidently as a socialist party.

 The completely unfair and undemocratic electoral system brought UMNO into power again despite the opposition parties winning most of the votes. This results tastes bitter. We support your protest for a change in the Malaysian electoral system.

 We are sorry that in addition you had to face conflicts within the opposition front. As it often happens in broader coalitions, left organizations are sidelined in the movement.

 Do not let yourself discourage by this. Keep on!

 The developments in Latin America show us, which changes are possible even today, if left forces stand together united and consequently work for the political and social interest of the people and stand up for real democracy and social justice. In that respect the Bolivarian revolution post Chavez on your agenda will bring out interesting views and outlooks, from which we all can learn.

 Especially the states of the ALBA-cooperation pursue a new way in the togetherness of the peoples.

 As we know from our own experiences, especially strategic debates can be long, challenging, enthusiastic or frustrating. We see in these days many new protest movements evolve. Some turned into an overthrow of dictatorships like in Tunisia or Egypt, others into war like Syria. There are new protests growing in Turkey and in Brasil. But each of these protests has its own fuel and its own dynamics. What they all share, is that many different people come together, Christians, Muslims or Atheists, Kurds and Turks, urban middle class and workers… Let us keep that in mind. No one can protest alone. Bearing this in mind will surely help you to stay close together besides heated atmosphere in debates. We cannot suggest which way you should follow. But we can give the advice to not let internal differences about the “right” solution forgot your main goals.

 We wish you for your congress successful debates in a comradely and open atmosphere. We send our best regards and our solidarity!

 Jan van Aken, Deputy Party Chair, DIE LINKE


Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist), CPI (ML), India

We offer warm greetings on the occasion of the 15th National Congress of the Parti Sosialis Malayisa (PSM).

The onslaught of neoliberal globalization can be felt by the working people all over the world. At the same time, struggles and protests against these policies are coming to the fore, all over the world – challenging austerity measures, corporate plunder, and corporate bailouts at the cost of people's needs and rights.   

We are aware the people of Malaysia and the PSM are facing a particularly challenging time, and we extend warm support and solidarity in your struggles at this juncture.   

Warm greetings and best wishes for the success of the Conference!

Kavita Krishnan, International Department, CPI(ML)  


Politik Rakyat, Indonesia

On behalf of Politik Rakyat, I would like to send you the warmest solidarity greeting from our new established political group: Politik Rakyat.

We wish you a success congress and inspire debates of the future strategy and tactics of PSM in an important and decisive political landscape of Malaysia. 

We always learn from PSM, a lot. The whole fractured Indonesian lefts shall look at your struggle as party and your role in building, influencing, and joining social movement in Malaysia. 

Politik Rakyat is a result of another bitter split in the old and small Partai Pembebasan Rakyat (People's Liberation Party), which we had never planned, at the end of February this year. A split, in our side, is something we never wish to happen, and when it happened the choices left is only to continue the struggle and take the best lesson of not repeating the old mistake. And here we are now, trying to build up our group and being part of the workers struggle, women liberation struggle and social movement in general. We knew that we have to move forward and live for the future. For that reasons PSM is one of the most inspiring political party that we'd like to learn from. The struggle to keep the party intact is the struggle in itself within the struggle for revolution.

In this difficult but very inspiring world situation, and the Asia importance, let us keep the good collaboration.

Wishing you the best results of the congress, lets the Gerakan Rakyat's lead us the way to move forward.

A Luta Continua, Venceremos.Warm solidarity greeting,

Zely Ariane, International spokesperson


Grenzeloos, Dutch section of the Fourth International, the Netherlands

We want to wish good luck to your 15th National Congress this June.

It has been five years since the world-economy entered a prolonged period of stagnation and recession. The world's ruling classes are determined to make working people pay for this crisis. In these times, parties like the PSM that combine a forward looking attitude with firm socialist principles are needed more than ever to defend the common people. We know your party has been in the forefront of defending the interests of the Malaysian rakyat - both their economically as democratically interests such as in the recent movement against UMNO's continued, fraudulent grip on power. We wish you and your allies success in this fight, and are confident of the role PSM will play in this movement.

These are difficult and challenging times to be a socialist since after decades of accumulated defeats of the Left and of popular forces, the ruling classes remain on the attack. But at the same time, we can see more and more people looking for an alternative and organizing to fight back, whether in Greece, Turkey or Malaysia. Non-dogmatic, activist parties like the PSM are crucial for organizing such resistance. This resistance needs to be as global as capitalism itself and the yearly Socialism conferences organized by the PSM are an important contribution to building an international movement. We hope such international links can be build upon and intergrated with other Asian networks.

We wish you a successful conference, renewed strength in the fight for socialism and look forward to building stronger ties of solidarity in the future.

Alex de Jong, Grenzeloos


Awami Workers Party, Pakistan

Awami Workers Party sends you revolutionary greetings on the occasion of 15th Congress of PSM. The congress would strengthen the Socialist forces in Malaysia and internationally as it would again reconfirm their commitment to expose capitalism and present an viable Socialist alternative. 

Awami Workers Party consider itself as a sister party in Pakistan fighting imperialism and religious fundamentalism. AWP was set up last year after three Left parties of Pakistan, Awami Party, Workers Party and Labour Party Pakistan decided to merge to establish a new united party of the working class. 

I hope that in future, we both parties would further develop close ideological and organisational relationship in true revolutionary solidarity and internationalism. 

Laal Salaam to all the delegates and with a commitment to fight for a Socialist world,

Farooq Tariq, General Secretary, Awami Workers Party


Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM), the Philippines

The Party of the Laboring Masses-PLM Philippines sends warm solidarity greetings to members and delegates of PSM at the 15th National Congress. We understand that this Congress takes place at a very important time for the PSM and the peoples movement for democracy in Malaysia. 

We have been following the reports of the peoples mass movement protesting the 'robbery' of the May 5elections by the illegitimate Barisan Nasional government. We understand the key role that socialists must play in developing a peoples power movement that can win its most immediate demands and we acknowledge the important role that PSM plays in this movement.

We would also like to congratulate all PSM candidates for a well-fought election campaign and the re-election of PSM representative 'Kumar' to the seat of Sungai Siput.

We would also like to use this opportunity to invite you, in advance, to attend the Socialism Conference in Manila, in November this year. This will present the Philippine left with the opportunity to get a first-hand report and analysis of the developments in Malaysia. 

Your success, is our success!

Your victories, are our victories!

Tuloy ng laban! (The struggle continues!)

Long live PSM!

Long live international solidarity between the PSM, PLM and our peoples movements!

Long live socialist internationalism!

Reihana Mohideen, For the PLM Executive Committee


Partido ng Manggagawa, the Philippines

The Partido ng Manggagawa (Labor Party-Philippines) sends its warm fraternal greetings to the Socialist Party of Malaysia as it convenes its 15th National Congress. We wish the delegates to the Congress all the best as it deliberates and decides on a strategy for organizing the class struggle for socialism and democracy in Malaysia.

The class conscious workers in the Philippines follow with interest the unfolding events in Malaysia. We salute the role played by our brother and sister workers in the Bersih movement and the recent mass protests against election cheating by the ruling BN coalition. As in the Philippines, the fight for democracy is dialectically entwined with the struggle for socialism in Malaysia.

We also observe the recent tension over Sabah and its impact on Philippine migrants working and living in the disputed territory. People-to-people solidarity between the Philippines and Malaysia is crucial in developing an independent line to confront racist and “nationalist” sentiment that may be fanned by the ruling elite in both our countries.

International solidarity is truly an integral part of the struggles in both the Philippines and Malaysia as elsewhere. The mass protests in Turkey and Brazil remind us all of the global onslaught of capitalism and the powerful movements that the crisis of neoliberal globalization is engendering. 

To our brothers and sisters, we say: the mass struggles in Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil and everywhere is also our fight!

PM National Executive Committee


Vänsterpartiet, Sweden

On behalf of the Left Party of Sweden (Vänsterpartiet) we would like to extend our warmest greetings to the 15th Congress of Parti Socialis Malaysia.

We are deeply impressed by your ability to build organizational strength and political enthusiasm with limited resources and in the face of repressive governmental policies. Your free-spirited, critical approach to radical politics lends us hope when reading about the political developments in Malaysia.

In Sweden the left and the labour movement are mobilizing against the right wing governments attempts at lowering wages and weakening wage earners solidarity. The Left Party is currently in a long and in many ways successful campaign to reclaim privatized schools, hospitals and other welfare services. 

The progressive forces face many challenges. But neither we nor you are alone in these struggles. We would like to thank you for your contributions to our common struggle and wish you luck at your congress.

Kalle Larsson and Ann-Carin Landström, Responsible for international issues in the Left Party of Sweden


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