16 Resolutions, 6 Key Motions and Amendment to Party Membership in Document on Party Principles

1 July 2013

 28-30 JUNE 2013
1.     The PSM urges the government to do away with the discrimination in the implementation of the minimum wage, and ensure that all workers, Malaysian, including Sabah and Sarawak workers, and migrant are paid the RM900 minimum wage. The PSM urges the government to act on companies that do not pay the minimum wage.
2.     Don’t proceed with the GST. The PSM objects to the transfer of the burden of tax from the wealthy to the rakyat.
3.     Implement the IPCMC now! No more excuses!
4.     Local council and village level elections should be implemented by both the BN and PR governments.
5.     Implement all BERSIH demands. The PSM proposes the use of the biometric system in the general elections and automatic registration of citizens as voters upon achieving 21 years of age. 
6.     Build low cost but quality houses for the rakyat. House ownership is a costly and burdensome affair for a significant layer of the rakyat, and is out of the reach of the poor. The government should arrange for 0% interest loans for low-income first house buyers.
7.     Stop hospital privatization and restore government ownership and operation of utilities such as electricity, water and sewerage that are now privatized.
8.     Free public transport for all students, the poor and elderly. Local councils should take over the ownership and provision of public transport. Public transport should be deemed and provided as a service and not a profit-making venture. 
9.     Establish community child care centres in all residential areas. The government should subsidiseinfant milk powderfor poor households.
10.   Abolish the Sedition Act, the AUKU and Printing Presses Act. The government should also not control peaceful gatherings by enacting laws that are conflict with basic human rights.
11.  Restrict the building of hypermarkets!Don’t kill the smail businesses!
12.  Annual medical examination should be compulsory for all workers, with the cost to be borne through SOCSO.
13.   Stop all projects that pollute the environment. Investigate corrupt practices that are closely associated with such projects.
14.  Free, quality education should be implemented from pre-school to the first university degree.
15.  Stop the TPPA/FTA negotiations immediately as free trade agreements have been proven to be detrimental to the rakyat.
16.  The government should abolish the cabotage system which requires imported goods containers to be brought first to Port Klang before being sent off to KotaKinabaluPort and Kuching Port. This will help lower the cost of goods for the people of Sabah and Sarawak.
28-30 JUN 2013
1.        A motion proposed by the PSM Central Committee to amend the PSM regulations to allow for an Extraordinary General Meeting if one-fifth of the active membership request it was adopted.
2.        The PSM should campaign for local government elections throughout the country, as pledged in the PSM Elections Manifesto.
3.        A nationwide roadshow on party policies and the demands of the rakyat should be carried out to promote the PSM and its struggle, and to increase its membership. 
4.        The PSM is open to contesting in more seats in future general elections without compromising on its objective of building socialism in Malaysia. Also the PSM should contest on its own logo.
5.        Each PSM branch should increase its active members by 20% every year.  70% attendance at Cadre Training sessions should be a criterion to determine active members who have the right to vote, and to become delegates.
6.        The PSM is prepared to dialogue with the Pakatan Rakyat on terms of mutual respect. The PSM is also committed to building a new coalition (not an election coalition), a movement of left organisations to fight neo-liberal and capitalist policies within Malaysia and abroad.
Note – A total of 22 motions were tabled. 10 motions were adopted, 5 were rejected, 5 were withdrawn, and discussion and decision on 2 were postponed. The above are the six adopted motions.
Restricted membership amended to open membership.
PSM Congress, About PSM