Celebrating Peoples Struggle PSM looking beyond GE 13

25 July 2013

PSM went through one of the most bruising election in its young age. We lost some seats but won a lot of friends in the process but now is the time to look forward and look beyond.

The rakyat deserve better. The advice to PSM from many friends and supporters is that PSM should concentrate in building the party, publicize its work more but stay principled to its cause and convictions.

Yes, PSM beyond GE 13, will focus in rebuilding the party’s strength besides building a left coalition. We have an energetic team of young and seasoned activist waiting to take PSM and Socialism to the next stage.

We need your support, solidarity, ideas and energy. We are organizing our belated annual fund raising dinner and look forward for your support and contribution. We don't have big cronies or huge connections but we have a big mission and plans.

Our leaders live a simple life and our assets are declared annually. Our struggle have always been multiracial and we don't play an inch of racism and religion to get wider support. Though small, yet we continue to lead the many campaigns which concerns most of us - saving public hospitals, fighting privatization of public facilities, public transportations, opposing TPPA/FTA, challenging the GST, ensuring a Minimum wage, fight for better houses and interest free loans, free education and local government election.

We have full timers, have newspapers in three languages as well as produce tons of other leaflets, organise forums and have a library to run. All these need money. We believe in a society which promotes better distribution of wealth and equality, we believe in democracy from below and we believe in protecting the environment. We will fight exploitation and inequality.

Most importantly, we believe in you, the people, the 99% and that you can bring about changes.

We appeal for support and you can help us by buying a tables which is  RM1000 pertable or a ticket which is RM100.

We also accept donations.  

Thank you comrades. We have chains to break and a world to build

Nasir Hashim

Fundraising, About PSM