PSM Programs & Achievements

PSM Programs & Achievements


PSM since its inception in 1998 (formal registration by ROS in 2008) has been in the forefront of many national and local campaigns as follows;

Campaigns for working class

For the Minimum wage, housing and amenities for plantation workers, monthly wage for plantation workers, rights for migrant workers, against precarious work contracts, fighting against contracting workers in government services. Organising national and in house unions.

Anti privatization

Fighting against the privatization of medical care. Against the opening up of private wings in public hospitals ( full paying patient schemes) that would further distract public hospitals specialist doctors from attending to not paying poor patients.

No to Goods and Services  (GST) Tax

Tax the rich, increase corporate tax, no to consumption tax.

No to TPPA

No to Trade Agreements that violate our rights. Working towards drafting a peoples Charter against International trade agreements.

Democratic Rights

Rights for peaceful assembly. Against detention without trial. Local government elections Now!

Education – abolish student loans, Free education now !

Housing – affordable housing cannot be left to market forces. Housing for the millions not the millionaires!


Besides leading many national campaigns, PSM is also actively participated in many other social movements as follows;

Working group on Public Transportation

The Malaysia Left Coalition

Mayday Organising committee

Right to Redress, Protecting rights of migrant workers

Abolish the Internal Security Act / Sedition Act

BERSIH – the movement for free and fair elections

The coalition of single mothers

…. Many more.



PSM has been very successful in both national campaigns bringing about change in national policies, laws and also in local community struggles. Amongst the significant ones are as follows;

Selangor governments policy to safeguard housing rights of displaced plantation workers. In 1991, the Selangor state introduced this policy after the persistent struggle of PSM comrades with displaced plantaion workers.

Monthly wages for plantation workers- PSM launched a campaign on Mayday 1996 demanding that the government introduce monthly wages for plantation workers. The workers inherited the colonial wage system of daily wages based upon prices of the commodity (oil palm and rubber) in the world market.

Minimum wages for workers- PSM through its front organisation launched the Minimum Wage Act campaign in 2003 for all workers. After a long nationwide campaign and a mass mobilization at the Parliament house, the Minimum wage act was introduced in 2012.

The struggle for peaceful assembly- After many years being arrested and intimidated by the police, we continued in defiance upholding our right to gather and protest peacefully. Thus today we have the an act for peaceful assemblies.

The struggle for housing rights of the urban poor. The government has recognised that urban pioneers whom came to Kuala Lumpur in the 1970 to provide labour to build the city have rights and should be provided alternate housing when, their homes are torn down for development.

PSM is now a national party with branches and members throught the country. We have had a healthy expansion of our membership.

PSM has established a regional network of left political parties and movements in the Asia Pacific region. Our network members are organisations from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Pakistan and still growing.

PSM has been instrumental to start building a coalition of like minded left organisations and individuals in Malaysia. Its known as the Malaysian left Coalition.

As the true colours of the opposition coalitions are revealed to the people, PSM stand out to offer a true alternative, the left alternative for the rakyat.