Make a bequest to PSM - a contribution to forward the socialist struggle

2 April 2012

As a party of the working class and the downtrodden, PSM does not benefit from donations from corporate giants. Our continued struggle is funded from the generous support of those who believe in socialism and appreciate the indispensable role it plays in progressive politics especially in the current capitalist crisis. 

PSM is thus requesting your sincere bequest through a will to the party. A bequest can be made of a property or cash to be received by the party in event of any unfortunate passing of comrades and friends. You may state other beneficiaries including family members and relatives in the will to ensure that your savings and cash are dealt with in a way that you wish to be distributed.

Please fill up the form attached and fax it to 03-87374772 or email to [email protected]. If you do decide to make a bequest through a will, PSM will facilitate to get a professional will writer to attend to you.

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