Gerakan Menuntut Pendidikan Percuma (GMPP) is a movement led by youths, students and individuals who stand firm in their principle that education should not have been commercialized for private sectors to seek profit which is potentially problematic for the people. The federal government’s emphasis on expanding private education from pre-school education to tertiary, has begun exhibiting negative effects on society within its short time period of implementation itself.

Providing free education is not only about fee structures but it also includes the accessibility towards education for rural students. Gerakan Menuntut Pendidikan Percuma (GMPP) demands that access for education should be given free without any prejudice and discrimination to all layers of society because education is an effective social mobility. Gerakan Menuntut Pendidikan Percuma (GMPP) formed a team to conduct research for 18 months to better understand the relationship between accessibility to education and achievements of students with the cost of education. The Free Education report was released in January 2018.


Penswastaan Pendidikan [PDF]

Pendidikan Percuma di Malaysia (2018) [PDF] prepared by Gerakan Menuntut Pendidikan Percuma