Police new conditions hinders democracy and freedom during elections

Police new conditions hinders democracy and freedom during elections

PSM Deputy Chairperson S Arutchelvan at PSM’s election announcement, 2nd November 2022.

PSM would like to condemn police unnecessary new conditions which is making our basic campaigning difficult. Initially during the briefing, we were told that only permits for political parties for ceramahs and the police will approve within a few hours without any delays.

Our experience dealing with the Seremban 2 IPD is that the permits cannot be processed immediately even if we apply for the permits a few days before the date of the of the event. Even on the day of the event, the police told us 2 days ago that permits can only be possessed in afternoon daily to be collected at 5pm daily.

Today we were shocked when Rembau Police says that we need permits even for candidate walkabouts! This is unprecedented! Is this a police state? Walkabout is the most basic of campaign done by parties during election and even this is restricted. We have always told the police to monitor us online as we are very transparent as all our activities are put there but they want to continue to shadow us.

With just 8 days to election, please let the parties to exercise their democratic rights and campaign without harassment and hindrance. It makes a mockery to democracy when even the most basic activities need police permits.

Election Director

No seat for PSM – electoral pact with PH is off

No seat for PSM – electoral pact with PH is off

We were informed through an official letter from Pakatan Harapan dated 30th October 2022 that PSM’s minimum request for an electoral pact with PH has been totally rejected. Without a single seat given, we understand that PH does not desire an electoral pact with PSM. Our regret being the matter has been informed to us so late, in spite of a statement by Rafizi on Friday that certain seats were allocated for PSM and MUDA.

PSM requested an electoral pact with PH because it was the desire of our members, supporters as well as civil society members that PSM should not stand alone but join a coalition. PSM members after evaluating all the existing coalitions – BN, PN, PH, decided then to start a process of electoral pact with PH which is seen as the most multiracial and progressive coalition among the three.

PH then through official channels agreed that a process on the electoral pact with PSM will be initiated. In the 2 meetings held between us and PH, PSM put forward a very minimal request. We requested that our Chairperson Dr Jeyakumar be allowed to stand as he is the best and most winnable candidate for Sungai Siput. We also gave two other alternate requests of non-incumbent Parliament seats held by BN if the Sungai Siput seat were to be denied . We also requested 3 non-incumbent state seats held by BN. We nevertheless indicated that we would be happy with any Parliament seat and any two state seats. The PH negotiation team of YB Nik Nazmi and YB Steven Sim said that our issues could only be resolved by the Presidential Council which finally informed us today – 6 days before nomination day! – of this outcome.

We are disappointed that there was no serious effort made by PH to hasten this process or find a way despite numerous efforts on our part. We are also aware that many people hoping for us to work together with PH will be disappointed; as well as those who kept telling us, “Didn’t I tell you” will feel vindicated. We would just like to tell our members and supporters that we have tried. The pact is over but not the struggle.

PSM looks at the GE15 15 days away as a momentous election and a difficult election for PH due to the existing conditions and based on the recent state election results. Hence, we wanted to mobilise our machinery and grassroots communities towards this task.

With the latest development, PSM will be holding an emergency Central Committee meeting today as well as National Committee Meeting (our second highest decision-making body) tomorrow to decide if we would be contesting or sitting out of GE15.

S. Arutchelvan
PSM Elections Director &
PSM Deputy Chairperson

CPTPPA ratification – Azmin Ali’s latest betrayal ?!

CPTPPA ratification – Azmin Ali’s latest betrayal ?!

PSM condemns the underhanded tactic by the ex-Minister of International Trade and Industry, (MITI) Azmin Ali to have quietly sneaked out a letter to New Zealand, the CPTPPA Depositary, as an instrument for Malaysia to officially ratify the CPTPPA.  

These trade agreements, since the US-Malaysia Free Trade Agreement attempt by the Bush administration and later President Obama’s infamous Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement TPPA have been vehemently protested by the rakyat. There were massive protests against TPPA since 2010 when MITI started negotiations. 

Even though the TPPA agreement was signed by the Najib administration in February 2016, but it remained unenforceable when the US, under Donald Trump, pulled out of the agreement in 2017. The USA move crushed MITI’s hopes that Malaysia would be able to increase its exports to the USA.  But even the TPPA would have led to more imports than exports.

The CPTPPA is actually a rebranded TPPA with some provisions suspended that the Najib administration also signed in March 2018.  

The recent Price Waterhouse Cooper Cost Benefit Analysis has gaps and many questionable claims of benefits.  Without a truly comprehensive Cost Benefit Analysis done by Putrajaya after the US exit from the trade agreement, Malaysia only stands to lose if it pursues to ratify and implement the trade agreement. The CPTPPA would mean that;

  • Our trade imports could increase to more than USD 2.billion a year compared to exports when import tariffs are brought down to zero percent. 
  • Job losses are expected when we are a flooded with imported products at more competitive prices compared to our local SME manufactured products. 
  • Increased imports of agricultural products will destroy the livelihood of our local agro food producers. 
  • CPTPPA requires that Malaysia signs up to the UPOV 1991 Convention that prohibits seed sharing amongst local farmers, making them beholden to large agro corporations to procure their seeds, fertilisers and pesticides. 
  • Wide power granted to foreign investors under CPTPPA that would tie the government hands to implement affirmative action to the rakyat. 
  • Corporations empowered to sue Malaysian government if we do not honor the rights given to their investment as per the CPTPPA. 

Thus PSM joins the civil society organizations and the rakyat to reject the ratification of the CPTPPA and demand that Putrajaya immediately withdraws from this regressive trade agreement. It was extremely irresponsible of Minister Azmin Ali and MITI to submit the instrument for ratification days before the dissolution of Parliament, placing the burden on the new government to undo this betrayal to the rakyat. 

We call on the all GE15 candidates to reject the CPTPPA and carry out all measures to leave the trade agreement once and for all. 

Sivarajan A.
Secretary General PSM
29 October 2022

PSM National Chairperson summoned by Bukit Aman

PSM National Chairperson summoned by Bukit Aman

PSM National Chairperson Dr Jeyakumar has been summoned by Bukit Aman to be investigated based on a police report lodged against former AG Tommy Thomas in relation to a forum “Dark Forces Towards GE15” held on 17 September. He has been called to give statement on the 20th of October 2022

The police action is yet another waste of public funds and reflects the reality of the term dark forces towards GE15.

PSM strongly believes that Tommy Thomas and other speakers are entitled to their opinion and the forum allows for people to pose question and even disagree with the speakers. That is how a mature democracy works. Summoning people who spoke in a public forum will go against the spirit of free speech and freedom of expression as enshrined in our constitution

The police should instead spend our tax money on other better things for the benefit of the people and not entangle itself in political vendetta of certain quarters.

Deputy Chairperson
Parti Sosialis Malaysia

PSM eyes to reclaim Sg Siput seat, amongst other seats identified for GE15

PSM eyes to reclaim Sg Siput seat, amongst other seats identified for GE15

The PSM Central Committee had an emergency meeting on the 10 October 2022. The following was discussed.

1. PSM is disappointed that the Parliament was dissolved less than 3 days after the budget. It is a mockery of our parliamentary democracy. Besides this election will only be held at Parliament level which means the rakyat’s money will be further plundered because of the political interest of UMNO leaders. A national election at this time will also be a huge distraction to efforts and resources needed to meet monsoon emergencies.

2. Many media have asked us which seats we will be contesting. This will be very much determined by if the electoral pact with PH works out. Since our last meeting with the PH committee on 30 September 2022, we have yet to hear of any outcome officially from the Committee who did say that they will report to the PH Presidential Council.

3. Nevertheless PSM has put forward a very reasonable and minimum request to PH. Besides agreeing to use a common logo, we have asked to contest in the Sg. Siput parliament seat for PSM Chairperson while the other seats requested were seats which are not incumbent seats of the current four PH component parties.

4. Meanwhile PSM will proceed to have its training workshop for its shortlisted candidates and campaign managers on the 15th of October 2022.

5. On the 17th of October 2022, on the International day to Eradicate Poverty, the Marhaen coalition and sectors will also put forward their grassroots election demands to all the political parties contesting.

Pengarah Biro Pilihanraya PSM.
Timbalan Pengerusi
10 Oktober 2022

We Are Hiring! – Social Media Officer

We Are Hiring! – Social Media Officer

We are hiring! – Social Media Communication and Campaigns Officer

The Socialist Party of Malaysia is seeking a vibrant and ambitious person to be our social media communications and campaigns officer. The right person will be creative and innovative in driving our social media presence, broadening our online reach and developing and monitoring online campaigns that promote active engagement with the Party and the values, ideals and approaches that we stand for. You will also support greater communication and engagement amongst our growing Party membership.

If you have skills and experience in social media and online platforms, are committed to an honest politics, a fairer society and a strong economy, are passionate about harnessing the power of social media to drive a movement for change, then join us!

Interested candidates please send CV to pusat@partisosialis.org or WhatsApp to www.wasap.my/60102580455

Statement for International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

Statement for International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

As the United Nations General Assembly commemorates 26th September as the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons today, we are threatened by multiple conflicts around the world that could trigger a nuclear catastrophe.

While the commemoration serves to remind the world community to reaffirm their commitment to global nuclear disarmament as a priority, but we can single out the United States’ war mongering manoeuvres that increase tensions with nuclear powers such as China, Russia & North Korea.

There is nothing stopping the US and NATO from placing nuclear weapons interceptors in Ukraine, as they have done in Romania and Poland, a move that would further escalate tensions with Russia (by undermining the nuclear deterrence).

Similarly, the US led AUKUS initiative with Australia and UK to encircle China is causing provocations and tensions in the South Pacific.

On this day, PSM calls on the world community to rise and demand warmongering nations to cease escalations and seek a peaceful resolution to conflicts.

Parti Sosialis Malaysia

(Ulang Siar) PSM Desak Kerajaan Isytihar Darurat Iklim

(Ulang Siar) PSM Desak Kerajaan Isytihar Darurat Iklim

PSM telah melancarkan kempen mengetengahkan isu krisis iklim sejak awal tahun 2020 mendesak Kerajaan Malaysia supaya mengisytihar Darurat Iklim.

“Kita sedang menghadapi krisis iklim yang mengancam kehidupan manusia di dunia. Walaupun begitu banyak Persidangan Perubahan Iklim Sedunia (COP) diadakan, tetapi dunia kita masih tidak melakukan yang secukupnya untuk menghentikan apa yang sedang berlaku. Oleh itu, kami berpandangan bahawa masyarakat perlu melakukan sesuatu secara keseluruhan.”

Pengerusi PSM Dr. Jeyakumar Devaraj

“Terdapat orang dalam kerajaan yang sedar dan prihatin tentang isu ini, tetapi terdapat juga banyak pihak berkepentingan yang sedang memberi tekanan ke atas kerajaan dengan cara-cara tertentu, seperti industri minyak petroleum, industri pembuatan kereta dan sebagainya. Terdapatnya lobi hebat yang berkait rapat dengan ahli-ahli politik… Ini menyebabkan kerajaan banyak berpura-pura (lip service) dan sangat sedikit kerja yang sebenar,” kata Dr. Jeyakumar.

“Kita perlu berusaha untuk membina satu gerakan massa yang memfokus pada menangani krisis iklim. Ini adalah matlamat kempen ini,” tegas Dr. Jeyakumar. Kempen Krisis Iklim PSM ini akan berusaha memberdaya masyarakat akar umbi untuk memperjuangkan perubahan yang perlu demi menyelamatkan masyarakat kita daripada ancaman kemusnahan alam.

PSM telah meluluskan satu usul dalam Kongres Nasional Parti pada tahun 2017 untuk menjalankan kajian tentang cara-cara untuk mengurangkan gas rumah hijau. Kemudiannya PSM telah mengadakan perbincangan yang mendalam dengan masyarakat sivil yang peka pada isu ini untuk mengemukakan cadangan-cadangan mengurangkan pembebasan gas rumah hijau dan menangani krisis iklim. Hasil daripada kajian dan konsultasi yang melibatkan banyak pihak, PSM menyediakan satu dokumen dasar untuk menangani krisis iklim daripada beberapa aspek. 

Baca lanjut dokumen : https://partisosialis.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Mengurang-GRH-Jan-2020.pdf

Selepas dibentangkan dalam Kongres Nasional PSM pada tahun 2019, satu usul diluluskan untuk melancarkan kempen yang memfokus pada keperluan segera dalam menangani krisis iklim. Oleh itu, PSM melancarkan kempen baru untuk menuntut pada kerajaan supaya mengisytihar “Darurat Iklim” atau Kecemasan Iklim Climate Emergency, dengan membawa isu ini kepada perhatian orang ramai di seluruh negara.

Kenapa kita perlu mengisytihar Darurat Iklim sekarang?

  • Penebangan hutan sedang berlaku pada kadar yang mencemaskan, dan Kerajaan gagal mengawalselia penebangan hutan secara berkesan.
  • Pembangunan ekonomi negara kita sedang mengambil jalan yang tidak mampan, dengan dasar kerajaan yang bercanggahan, seperti hendak mengeksploitasi sumber alam semulajadi dan memelihara alam pada masa yang sama.
  • Ketidakpedulian tentang kesan pembangunan yang terlampau terhadap alam sekitar.
  • Kegagalan Kerajaan dalam mengurangkan pembebasan gas rumah hijau.

10 tuntutan utama yang dikemukakan dalam Kempen Isytihar Darurat Iklim ialah:

  1. Hentikan pembinaan loji penjana kuasa elektrik yang menggunakan bahan api fosil (seperti arang batu, gas asli dan minyak).
  2. Tetapkan tarikh akhir untuk penutupan semua loji penjana kuasa yang membakar arang batu.
  3. Kerajaan Persekutuan memperuntukkan geran tahunan kepada Kerajaan Negeri untuk hutan dara yang belum ditebang.
  4. Hentikan pembalakan di hutan dara, hutan tanah gambut dan hutan paya bakau.
  5. Pinda Akta Perhutanan untuk membolehkan rundingan yang melibatkan ADUN pembangkang, badan-badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) alam sekitar dan masyarakat Orang Asli, sebelum memberi sebarang kelulusan untuk pembalakan.
  6. Tangkap semua gas metana daripada sisa efluen kilang kelapa sawit (POME) untuk digunakan dalam penjanaan kuasa elektrik.
  7. Bangunkan rangkaian pengangkutan bas massa (BMT) yang efisien di seluruh negara.
  8. Bangunkan sistem pengurusan berasingan untuk sisa makanan dan organik supaya mengalihkannya dari tapak pelupusan sampah ke penghasilan biogas yang menjana kuasa elektrik.
  9. Haramkan pelepasan gas “fugitif” daripada sektor minyak dan gas.
  10. Tubuhkan satu jawatankuasa peringkat tinggi yang dipengerusi oleh Perdana Menteri untuk menyelaraskan usaha pengurangan gas rumah hijau dan membentangkan laporan kemajuan tahunannya dalam Parlimen.
Tangani krisis iklim segera!

Tangani krisis iklim segera!

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) telah mengemukakan pelan tindakan alternatif “Kempen Pemulihan Nasional” untuk menggesa pembaharuan yang dapat menjamin kesejahteraan masyarakat. Siri rencana ini akan menyenaraikan tuntutan yang terkandung dalam 5 teras pelan tindakan yang bertemakan “#RakyatMintaLima” ini.


Teras 5: Tangani krisis iklim segera

Krisis iklim juga sewajarnya menjadi tumpuan demi kebajikan masyarakat Malaysia. Akibat kegiatan industri berteraskan pengautan untung yang tidak dikawal, bukan sahaja Malaysia malah seluruh dunia menghadapi krisis iklim yang bakal memupuskan spesies manusia. Lapisan ozon semakin menipis, paras laut semakin meningkat dan cuaca semakin aneh. Oleh itu, kerajaan perlu mengambil langkah yang sepatutnya demi membanteras isu tersebut. Setelah memperhatikan data berkenaan, masalah yang khusus kepada negara kita telah dikenalpasti. Matlamat yang kita perlu capai demi mengatasinya adalah seperti berikut:

  • Penggunaan 100% tenaga boleh baharu sebelum tahun 2035
  • Penanganan pencemaran daripada industri petroleum
  • Pengutamaan pengangkutan awam
  • Pelaksanaan moratorium kekal terhadap pembalakan di hutan primer

Penggunaan 100% tenaga boleh baharu sebelum tahun 2035

Sektor penjanaan tenaga elektrik merupakan pengeluar gas rumah hijau tertinggi di Malaysia, khususnya di Semenanjung Malaysia. Hal ini dapat dilihat pada Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) yang menghasilkan sebanyak 66% daripada permintaan elektrik dengan pembakaran arang batu, manakala 24% dihasilkan dengan pembakaran fosil-metana (gas asli). Malaysia perlu beralih kepada 100% sumber tenaga boleh baharu sebelum tahun 2035.

Oleh itu, kerajaan perlu:

  • Meningkatkan kecekapan tenaga dengan drastik dalam sektor industri dan komersial.
  • Melaksanakan moratorium terhadap janakuasa bahan api fosil.
  • Meningkatkan penjanaan daripada Tenaga Boleh Baharu (TBB).
  • Menggunakan bio-metana daripada sisa organik, efluen minyak kilang kelapa sawit (POME), tapak pelupusan sampah, dan sisa pertanian di stesen janakuasa gas.
  • Membina sistem grid tenaga pintar sebelum tahun 2025.
  • Membina sistem grid tenaga untuk membawa kuasa hidro Sarawak ke Sabah sebelum tahun 2024.
  • Memperkukuh sistem Grid Tenaga ASEAN (APG).

Penanganan pencemaran daripada industri petroleum

Industri petroleum negara kita mengeluarkan 8.30% daripada gas rumah hijau (GHG) di Malaysia melalui aktiviti penerokaan, perlombongan, penghasilan dan penapisan petroleum dan fosil-gas. Kebanyakan pencemaran GHG daripada industri petroleum adalah hasil kegiatan venting dan flaring yang boleh dielakkan dengan teknologi sedia ada. Oleh itu, kerajaan perlu mengharamkan pelepasan pencemar fugitif seperti venting dan flaring daripada industri petroleum negara.

Pengutamaan pengangkutan awam

Pertambahan populasi bandar serta penggunaan kenderaan yang semakin bertambah di Malaysia melepaskan karbon dioksida yang berlebihan ke dalam atmosfera. Pembangunan jalan raya dan penggunaan kenderaan mengurangkan litupan vegetasi dan meningkatkan paras tenaga haba dalam atmosfera sehingga mengakibatkan isu seperti banjir kilat, kenaikan suhu bandar, kesesakan jalan raya dan juga pencemaran air dan udara.

Secara umumnya, majoriti daripada pelepasan bahan pencemar udara adalah daripada sektor pengangkutan selain daripada pelepasan industri dan pembakaran terbuka. Dianggarkan sebanyak 88% daripada masyarakat Malaysia menggunakan kenderaan persendirian dan dilaporkan bahawa pelepasan gas karbon dioksida di Lembah Klang adalah sebanyak 337,800 tan setahun.

Oleh itu, kerajaan perlu:

  • Membangunkan sistem pengangkutan awam yang mampan bagi memudahkan pergerakan rendah karbon.
  • Mewujudkan pengangkutan awam berasaskan “Bus Mass Transit” (BMT) di semua bandar di Malaysia.
  • Pengangkutan BMT perlu mengutamakan bas elektrik untuk mengurangkan pencemaran udara daripada enjin diesel.

Pelaksanaan moratorium kekal terhadap pembalakan di hutan primer

Hutan primer terdiri daripada spesies asli yang telah berkembang secara semulajadi, dengan sedikit atau tanpa bukti kegiatan manusia, termasuk hutan yang pulih daripada bencana alam. Hutan primer mempunyai biodiversiti yang lebih tinggi daripada hutan sekunder yang menggantikannya. Antara contoh hutan sekunder yang wujud di Malaysia adalah hutan tropikal dan hutan paya bakau.

Kerajaan perlu melaksanakan:

  • Moratorium kekal terhadap aktiviti pembalakan dan perlombongan di dalam hutan primer;
  • Pewartaan semua hutan primer sebagai hutan simpanan kekal (HSK).