PSM eyes to reclaim Sg Siput seat, amongst other seats identified for GE15

PSM eyes to reclaim Sg Siput seat, amongst other seats identified for GE15

The PSM Central Committee had an emergency meeting on the 10 October 2022. The following was discussed.

1. PSM is disappointed that the Parliament was dissolved less than 3 days after the budget. It is a mockery of our parliamentary democracy. Besides this election will only be held at Parliament level which means the rakyat’s money will be further plundered because of the political interest of UMNO leaders. A national election at this time will also be a huge distraction to efforts and resources needed to meet monsoon emergencies.

2. Many media have asked us which seats we will be contesting. This will be very much determined by if the electoral pact with PH works out. Since our last meeting with the PH committee on 30 September 2022, we have yet to hear of any outcome officially from the Committee who did say that they will report to the PH Presidential Council.

3. Nevertheless PSM has put forward a very reasonable and minimum request to PH. Besides agreeing to use a common logo, we have asked to contest in the Sg. Siput parliament seat for PSM Chairperson while the other seats requested were seats which are not incumbent seats of the current four PH component parties.

4. Meanwhile PSM will proceed to have its training workshop for its shortlisted candidates and campaign managers on the 15th of October 2022.

5. On the 17th of October 2022, on the International day to Eradicate Poverty, the Marhaen coalition and sectors will also put forward their grassroots election demands to all the political parties contesting.

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10 Oktober 2022