9 Nov 2016


Darshini's mother was a non-practising "Muslim" who married a Christian boy. Darshini's mum...

27 Jul 2016

For 3 decades the BN leadership had been allocating between RM 300,000 and RM 2 million per year as Constituency Allocations. This sum is disbursed by the...

30 Jun 2016

Enhancing syariah courts’ powers



30 Jun 2016

The thorny issue of hudud



28 Jun 2016

  MP SPEAKS Our journey towards a fairer, better governed and harmonious society hit another roadblock on...

28 Jun 2016

COMMENT The proponents of hudud laws have created the erroneous impression that hudud laws are central to Islam, that they define the character and...

28 Jun 2016

Statement by Dr Dzul. Appeared in Malaysiakini -

Hudud: A Merry-Go Round Again.

1.     Sadly, our beloved Malaysia is now...

28 Jun 2016

 COMMENT What is misconstrued and misrepresented as hudud in public discourse in Malaysia may be better termed or understood as expansion of...

7 Jun 2016

The PSM National Congress in Shah Alam successfully ended last 5th of June 2016 with delegates putting forward the following resolutions;


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