Malaysian Left Coalition, or Gabungan Kiri is a coalition of left-wing political, social, and grassroots cultural organisations in Malaysia. We are a pressure group that advocates adoption of our Manifesto for the next general election.

Our 6 key ideas:

  1. A fair distribution of wealth
    Closing the gap between rich and poor through fair taxation, investment in education, and affirmative social policies.
  2. Free university education for all
    Opening up opportunities for everyone to pursue tertiary education, regardless of backgrounds.
  3. A decent Living Wage for all workers
    A guarantee of high minimum wage where workers can achieve comfortable standard of living and pursue work-life balance.
  4. High-quality housing for everyone
    A serious pledge to build sustainable high-quality housing that is affordable to buy or rent across the country.
  5. Creation of a pension fund for all
    Creation of a sovereign wealth fund to ensure that people in retirement continue to have means enjoy a life of dignity.
  6. Transformation into a green and hi-tech economy
    Embracing automation and high-tech economy through investments in skills, research, and green infrastructure.

What is socialism (or left-wing ideas)?

Socialism is an idea that advocates for the fair distribution of our country’s wealth. It prioritises people over profit; it wants to end the unfair concentration of power and wealth; it wants an economy that works for all; it believes in the equal rights of all in a democracy; and it demands sustainable development that takes care of the environment.

What is capitalism and why do we want to fight it?

Capitalism is a system where the economy is controlled by those with money and wealth, through which they control the lives of ordinary workers and national life. Profit for the few is paramount in Capitalism, hence it has failed to bring prosperity to ordinary people, instead has brought untold riches to the few who then subverts the political process of democracy. Capitalists believe in the myth of the “free market”, which seeks to destroy workers rights and the very limited social welfare programmes in this country.

As a result, many decades of capitalism in Malaysia has created wealth inequality, violation of basic human and workers rights, and mass destruction of the environment. Both Pakatan and BN represents the interests of the capitalists – it is for this reason that we are determined to present a real alternative for the people.

Gabungan_Kiri_- Manifesto_English [PDF]