PSM’s involvement in the struggle against free trade agreement started ever since Malaysia was in negotiations with the United States of America to sign the Malaysia – US FTA in 2006. A coalition of civil society organizations was formed . Several direct actions were being held at Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and the US Embassy. The Malaysia US FTA did not materialize when the then government drew up red lines that Malaysia was not willing to compromise . Through our efforts and campaigns, the MITI Minister Rafidah Aziz backed out from the negotiations. Later with the change of US Presidency from GW Bush Jr to Barack Obama, the Malaysia – US FTA was shelved.

It was shelved, but only to be resurrected by Obama through a new name, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement ( TPPA). Malaysia entered the negotiations in October,2010.  On Dec, 2010, the coalition submitted a protest memorandum to the MITI putting forward out opposition to the US led trade agreement . Several activities were kicked started since, then with forums organized, roadshows, printing of leaflets, mass distribution of info leaflets to the public were done regularly.

14th December , we organized a briefing session with Parliamentarians on the dangers of the TPPA at the Parliament house.  That was followed by a forum organized by MTAAG organization on the effect of TPPA on medicine prices. Among other tactics were , when we fax many letters of protest to the Prime Ministers Department to protest the TPPA. A Valentine card was also submitted to the PM on 14th Feb, 2011 as a sign that Malaysian love Malaysia and we don’t want to trade away our sovereignty through a trade agreement.

On 28th Februari, 2011 around 200 people participated in a protest at the Prince Court Hotel in KL, where  the EU-Malaysia negotiations were being held.

PSM and the coalition also engaged the Suhakam, Human Rights Commissions of Malaysia to address the concerns of the TPPA. We proposed that SUHAKAM carries out a complete Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) study and advise the government on the TPPA. Even though the coalition gathered sufficient information and documentation to back our request ,but unfortunately the then SUHAKAM commissioner refused to attempt the HRIA.

The coalition and PSM also worked with the Malaysian Trades Union Congress, MTUC leadership to conscientize the unions on the downside of trade agreements . A forum was held on the 4th February, 2012 with MTUC members at the Petaling Jaya Community Library , PJ.

From 2013 onwards the coalition against TPPA was renewed with MTEM (Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu)  taking the lead to group together a larger group NGO’s . Consistently many more activities were done as follows;

Dates Action
21/2/2013 Leafleting  TPPA brochures  
20/4/2013 Protest  by People Living with HIV at the EU  Embassy and the US Embassy.
22/6/2013 Forum TPPA , with Jayashri chief negotiator , Penang  
4/7/2013 Press statements by student movement on copyright matters in TPPA
10/7/2013 Press conference
12/7/2013 Nationwide leafleting  
16/7/2013 Protest at  Parliament- demanding that the TPPA text be made public
12/7/2013 Debate with the Minister at  SINAR
10/7/2013 Roundtable at Parliament with Embassy TPPA countries
19/7/2013 Another protest at the MITI
16/7/2013 Interview in BFM Radio
23/7/2013 PConf , negotiations 18th round KK, Sabah
1/8/2013 Attended the MITI Open day.
23/8/2013 Protes at US Embassy ,
13/8/2013 MITI fumbles on contradiction on Tobacco control as raised by BANTAH
15/8/2013 Cabinet decide to carve out tobacco from TPPA
16/8/2013 BANTAH meets with MITI
19/8/2013 Cabinet announces that it drops time line to sign TPPA
26/8 & 27/8 Mahathir officiates conference on TPPA , MTEM

Conference produces National Red Lines against  TPPA

20/8/2013 Cabinet launches two Cost Benefit Analysis studies
31/8/2013 Gantung banner Merdeka dikawasan caw PSM
1/9/2013 MTUC rejects TPPA
10/9/2013 Attend 2nd MITI open house , raise questiones
Sept,2013 Cabinet forms Parliamentary caucus
Sept hingga Oct2013 Launch of a roadshow , nationwide.
6/9/2013 BANTAH closed door meeting with Minister
10/9/2013 Press conference pelancaran Roadshow national BANTAH TPPA
Sept 2013 Mobilising to protest during Obama visit 11/10/2013
24/9/2013 Govn statement” Putrajaya wants peaceful Obama visit”
30/9/2013 Govn statement” Govn mulls getting Parliament mandate before signing TPPA”
10/10/2013 Rally Anwar against TPPA
17/10/2013 BANTAH calls for biased consultant appointed to so CBA to be replaced.
7-8/11/2013 Visit by three ISDS experts to Malaysia, meeting with Ministers, public forum etc ,.
16/11/2013 Wikileaks document on IP chapter
22/11/2013 Press statement “ Is it final talks in Salt Lake City??”
24/11/2013 Youtube video released Bantah TPPA
29/11/2013 BANTAH sends out letters to all key Ministry and MITI
10/12/2013 Singapore meeting , no deal , 2013 dateline missed !
18/12/2013 Protest Flash mob di Central Market KL oleh nelayan /petani