PSM has been at the forefront to fight against the privatization of  public services. Malaysia under Mahathirism adopted the neoliberal policies of Thatcherism unleashing a widespread privatization exercise against public services such as electricity , water supply, Hospitals, roads, sewerage services etc,. Mahathir has his sub-agenda to privatize these services to companies owned by the Malay elite class, in an attempt to uplift the Malay race economically.

This led to increase in prices, and curtailed government invention to curtail them. In the event the government was to regulate cost of these services to the people, the government had to pay huge compensations to these private service providers in lieu of allowing them to hike prices.

In 1997, the cleaning, laundry and maintenance services in public Hospitals were privatized. The same was done to security services and cleaning services in all public schools. PSM is currently organizing the National Union Of Workers in Hospitals Support and Allied Services, to demand that the government abolish the outsourcing and employ them directly.

Dr Kumar of PSM was also instrumental in establishing the Coalition Against Health Care Privatisation in 2005 . Please read more about the coalition here.