PSM believes that the Transportation System in Malaysia is in a terrific mess. It is expensive, polluting, unsustainable and is causing serious congestions and frequent jams in our major urban centres – it is manifestly inefficient on top of its other shortcomings. Most importantly, people have to face facts – climate change is a reality, and the present trajectory of our transportation system is clearly not sustainable, and is making our cities unlivable!

We seek to analyse these issues and address the root of the problems to put forth necessary solutions addressing them. Keeping in mind the power struggles at bay but most importantly, realising the inevitable reality of climate change and the present trajectory of our unsustainable transportation system we put forth the need to develop a consensus among the people for the need to change from a private car based model to public transport.

As such, we assert the need to put Public Transport on the national agenda.

A Sustainable Policy on Transport [DOCX] by Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj