No seat for PSM – electoral pact with PH is off

No seat for PSM – electoral pact with PH is off

We were informed through an official letter from Pakatan Harapan dated 30th October 2022 that PSM’s minimum request for an electoral pact with PH has been totally rejected. Without a single seat given, we understand that PH does not desire an electoral pact with PSM. Our regret being the matter has been informed to us so late, in spite of a statement by Rafizi on Friday that certain seats were allocated for PSM and MUDA.

PSM requested an electoral pact with PH because it was the desire of our members, supporters as well as civil society members that PSM should not stand alone but join a coalition. PSM members after evaluating all the existing coalitions – BN, PN, PH, decided then to start a process of electoral pact with PH which is seen as the most multiracial and progressive coalition among the three.

PH then through official channels agreed that a process on the electoral pact with PSM will be initiated. In the 2 meetings held between us and PH, PSM put forward a very minimal request. We requested that our Chairperson Dr Jeyakumar be allowed to stand as he is the best and most winnable candidate for Sungai Siput. We also gave two other alternate requests of non-incumbent Parliament seats held by BN if the Sungai Siput seat were to be denied . We also requested 3 non-incumbent state seats held by BN. We nevertheless indicated that we would be happy with any Parliament seat and any two state seats. The PH negotiation team of YB Nik Nazmi and YB Steven Sim said that our issues could only be resolved by the Presidential Council which finally informed us today – 6 days before nomination day! – of this outcome.

We are disappointed that there was no serious effort made by PH to hasten this process or find a way despite numerous efforts on our part. We are also aware that many people hoping for us to work together with PH will be disappointed; as well as those who kept telling us, “Didn’t I tell you” will feel vindicated. We would just like to tell our members and supporters that we have tried. The pact is over but not the struggle.

PSM looks at the GE15 15 days away as a momentous election and a difficult election for PH due to the existing conditions and based on the recent state election results. Hence, we wanted to mobilise our machinery and grassroots communities towards this task.

With the latest development, PSM will be holding an emergency Central Committee meeting today as well as National Committee Meeting (our second highest decision-making body) tomorrow to decide if we would be contesting or sitting out of GE15.

S. Arutchelvan
PSM Elections Director &
PSM Deputy Chairperson

PSM to compete in Kota Iskandar N49 in Johor State Elections

PSM to compete in Kota Iskandar N49 in Johor State Elections

Parti Sosialis Malaysia would like to announce that we will be competing in the Johor Elections 2022. Far from being a new contender in Johor politics, activists from PSM have been mobilising in Johor for more than 15 years and the first PSM Branch in Johor is the Nusa Jaya Branch (now known as Kota Iskandar). This branch was registered in the year 2010 and has served continuously to this day.

One of the strengths of PSM in Johor is that they have successfully organised many campaigns of marhaen issues. Including the Minimum Wage campaign, the Worker’s Insurance Scheme campaign, the campaign demanding Schools in Kota Iskandar, the Protest GST campaign, the struggle demanding Hospitals in Kangkar Pulai, Orang Asli struggle, the Affordable Housing campaign and many more activities in Johor.

In line with PSM principles to only compete in areas that we have served, PSM made the decision to compete in DUN N49 Kota Iskandar in this Johor Election 2022.

Although we are only competing for one seat, we feel that PSM bring a political narrative that is different than other parties that have announced their participation in the Johor Elections at this time. All political parties, whether those who are ruling or those who are opposing do not approach their fight from the point of view of ordinary citizens, the marhaen.

Thus, most of the policies, programs, and reform they bring are obscured by the desired of the capitalist class and corporate class. From the political funds that are accepted to the policies they bring while in power, they side with the class that has monetary power and elite political influence. This must be stopped. The people are tired with politics of the elite! PSM is ready to offer an alternative progressive politics that empowers people power!

The candidate that we are introducing is Arangkanal Rajoo also known as Ara, who is someone that works in film. He is the director of many social films that have won international awards. His socialist spirit brought him to serve with PSM for more than 2 years in DUN Kota Iskandar (NusaJaya).

Therefore, we ask for citizens in Kota Iskandar to support PSM if they truly desire progressive change and to put people first and empower them.

Ayuh! Undilah Ara SuARA Kota Iskandar #PSMBinaKuasaRakyat

Salam perjuangan

A. Sivarajan
Parti Sosialis Malaysia