PSM publishes Socialist Perspectives 15 magazine

PSM publishes Socialist Perspectives 15 magazine

It is easier, as Frederic Jameson once remarked, to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. His words echo truly in Malaysia, where the axioms of liberal capitalism and “good governance” still hold us hostage. 

The specters of the Emergency, the global Red Scare, and sixty years of right-wing dictatorship haunt us still. Even the most progressive political voices are still only able to call for lukewarm social reforms, leaving the base economic structure unchallenged. It is almost impossible to imagine a genuine alternative for Malaysia, where the economy works for the people, and workers’ interests are represented and protected.  

That is precisely why Volume 15 of the Socialist Perspective magazine is an important read. This publication collects many of the thoughts and triumphs of the socialist movement in Malaysia, as seen through the writings of many of Parti Sosialis Malaysia’s (PSM) leading members. From reflections on recent struggles to punchy commentaries on domestic & international affairs, and even touching memorials to late comrades. This volume is an important contribution to the formation of a truly Malaysian socialism, formulated from & suited to the material conditions that the rakyat and marhaen are facing. 

There is no better antidote to despair for Malaysians than to see the good works & praxis that already exist. Socialist Perspective is, as always, a good reminder to all its readers that our struggles continue, and that the fight for a better Malaysia is alive and well.

Socialist Perspectives 15 is available by post, as well as walk-in purchases at PSM’s Headquarters

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