Has Pakatan Harapan learned in a year what Barisan Nasional has mastered in 60 years?

Has Pakatan Harapan learned in a year what Barisan Nasional has mastered in 60 years?

Source: ThinkLeft

Looks like controversial preacher Zakir Naik is strategically completing his mission to further divide and cause hatred amongst our fragile society. After earning the wrath of the Malaysian Indian community for some time now, he has shifted his target to the Chinese with his disparaging remarks. He is reported to have quoted that the Malaysian Chinese are also guests here, and if they want him (Zakir Naik) to be sent back to India then, the Chinese should also be asked to go back!

Coming from a recently granted PR card holder, Zakir Naik is not talking from his ignorance of Malaysian history. He is specifically serving his purpose as a tool to divide our country along racial and religious lines.

While it was no surprise that he received an honorary welcome in Kelantan from the PAS led government, as PAS needs people like Zakir Naik to push their religious and political agenda, but it was very disappointing to see even certain moderate Pakatan Harapan Muslim leaders also cozying up to him.

Do they also share his views on his version of Islam? Or more dangerously, have the Pakatan leaders identified him as a key tool to divide and rule society to be used whenever necessary?

Has Pakatan Harapan learned in a year what Barisan Nasional has mastered in 60 years? That is using individuals and issues to keep our society fighting on racial and religious lines.

Thus, if we are still waiting for politicians to say the right things and show the way, it will not happen. The rakyat has to see through these evil political maneuvers and refused to be influenced by them. From the ‘Khat’ issue, the Selangor single parent conversion bill, Dong Zhong to Zakir Naik, these issues have only led to mobilizations and exchanges of heated statements between Muslims and non-Muslims. Seems like there is a deep state within Pakatan Harapan, executing its agenda in the interest of unknown political forces.

PSM calls on the rakyat to mobilise across all races and religions to call for an end to these never ending hate exchanges between communities. Where our politicians have failed, the rakyat will have to show great maturity and understanding to nip these racial tensions in the bud. The working class Malay Muslims, Chinese and Indians have so much in common compared to our religious and political elite. Let’s not allow these tools of destruction orchestrated by certain quarters destroy our racial harmony and class solidarity.

PSM Secretary General.