PSM: Don’t mobilise based on race and religion

PSM: Don’t mobilise based on race and religion

Source: Malaysiakini
Parti Sosialis Malaysia is strongly urging Malaysians not to rally behind causes which are based on race or religion.

“It is our opinion that all parties pushing for a single ethnic or religion mobilisation in the coming weeks should take one step back because these actions are not going to do anything good for the future of Malaysia,” said PSM deputy chairperson S Arutchelvan (photo, above) in a statement today.

“Single ethnic-religious mobilisation will only result in people attacking each other and then calling others racist. This will further divide and widen the gap. PSM will not encourage its members to participate in this mobilisation,” he said.

In recent weeks, a number of polarising issues have surfaced including the continued presence of wanted preacher Dr Zakir Naik who has been accused of making racially-charged speeches.

There was also a fierce debate over the proposed introduction of the khat script for vernacular schools and plans to amend the Selangor constitution to allow for the unilateral conversion of minors.

In this heated environment, Syahredzan Johan, an aide to DAP leader Lim Kit Siang, even received a death threat on Wednesday night after calling for Zakir Naik’s permanent resident status to be revoked.

“We should be advocating for mobilisation of all races and religious groups in one rally towards peace or common interests.”

“It is better for our energy to be preserved to fight for issues which concern all of us on the issues of job security, affordable houses and climate emergency,” said Arutchelvan.