The heart of a gentle person – Dr Jeyakumar

By Dr Jeyakumar’s,cousin, Christopher:

I am writing this urgent letter to all Malaysians to be aware of the suffering that all the 6 PSM members are going thru. Isolated from loved ones and family they will have to beg to go to Toilet, or shave or bathe and hence the mental torture starts. I am writing on behalf of Dr Jeyakumar as I am a part of his family. I hope and trust that the family members of the others will start writing too to urge people not to stand for the utterly stupid charges against the 6. If in fact there was a T shirt or poster of “former” CPM leader Chin Peng, how is it wrong. ???

The National Libraries and most libraries in Universities have many books on communism for reference and reading. There are even books with his pictures as well as other involved in the struggle at that time. Is Hishamuddin going to remove all reference books in all the libraries ?? Is he going to have all the Librarians arrested or having reference material on communism ??

Hishamuddin calls the Bersih Rally illegal and as such justifies the wearing of bersih T shirts illegal also and had the 30 peole arrested. If so, the Perkas rally and UMNO Youth rally was also illegal, can we assume as such that wearing Parkas shirts and UMNO Youth Illegal. Hishamuddin is the most shameless politician for using such a stupid comparison. He takes us ordinary Malaysians as stupid but we have to show his in a clear, non violent and reasonable way that we will not accept this action.

Dr Jeyakumar

I know Dr Jeyakumar personally. His father is also a doctor. Let me first tell you some childhood stories that will capture your imagination of this simple yet strong willed but gentle person.


1st personal story

In his teens

One day he went to to town to buy some items. He simply wore slippers and told his mum that he will be back later.A few hours later he called and asked his mum to please come and fetch him back. His mum was busy and asked him to take the bus but he pleaded with her to just come this time. She relented and went to pick him up and found him without slippers !!! standing on the inside of the pavement in a shop away from the heat of the midday sun.

Looking relieved he quickly jumped into the car. People had been staring at him whenever they passed by and wondering what was wrong with this boy. In the car he explained that he saw an old man shuffling about without slippers and could not stand it anymore and just gave him his own slippers to walk.

Only after doing that he realised that the pavement was very hot and couldn’t walk to the bus stop and also was receiving strange stares from passerby and decided to call his mother.

Such is the heart of this gentle man who has been arrested by Hishamuddin and the police saying he is a communist and was carrying Bersih T shirts.


2nd personal story

When he was in University Malaya he constantly involved himself in the plight of the estate workers. I know personally of how he started tuition classes in many estates from Sg Siput to BUTTERWORTH for poor students during his semester breaks. His legacy still continues till today with Indian students still sacrificing their important time during their breaks to tutor underprivileged students in estates till today.

When he became a doctor, he requested his posting to be in Sarawak interior where many places had no electricity and reachable by boat to treat orang asli and start education programmes for kindergarten aged children. He stayed for many,  many years in Sarawak doing selfless work among the poor and destitute.

Such is the heart of this gentle man who has been arrested by Hishamuddin and the police saying he is a communist and was carrying Bersih T shirts


3 rd personal story

Once when I was in Ipoh few years ago, way before he became Member of Parliament (and like David beating Goliath –won the Parliamentary seat from Samy Velu) saw me and asked me if I was free. I replied that I was and and in the night approx 9 after he had finished his hospital rounds picked me up and we drove many miles and reached a large squatter area. The old blue rickety Volkswagon tumbled and tossed in the uneven mud road and there were no streetlights at all and we ere driving in the dark.

After a long time we reached a broken down hut and inside was an old Indian lady on a makeshift bed. Dr Kumar listened for a long time to her crying and after sometime he gently talked to her and gave her some painkiller injections and she soon slept off. On the way back he told me that she was in the end stage of her cancer and was dying and in so much pain. He made this trip twice or 3 times a week as she could not come to a hospital for pain medication. I sat quietly reflection how much just one person can do and how we who are so blessed do so little.

Dr Kumar is my cousin and I am proud to know him. !!! My relationship throughout the years have enriched me tremendously. I hope that reading this that you will not believe the lies that the mainstream newspapers is trying to tell you.

All of the 6 deserve our support and love – more so at this time, This is my simple testimony. I am sure that many, many more people will be able to share more experiences that they have had with Dr Kumar.

His gentle heart, his ready ear for listening even to the smallest complaints. I am enraged that they have locked him up without his seeing his wife and son and parents and friends. It is said that he is in solitary confinement. His 19 year old son who was also on the bus was arrested with him and kept in the lock up.

Please read and pass to friends if you can. Remember – All it takes for Evil to Triumph is for good people to do nothing !!

Proud to be his friend,



10th year Commemoration of the detention and the struggle to release the 6 PSM activists from Emergency Ordinance. (2011-2021)


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10th year Commemoration of the detention and the struggle to release the 6 PSM activists from Emergency Ordinance. (2011-2021)

Remembering the turbulent political times, here we share writings from various from activist, academics, supporters and many others that demanded the release of the PSM EO6 , – Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj ( the current PSM Chairperson), Sugumaran , Letchumanan, Choo Chon Kai, Sarasvathy , and Sarath Babu.

Choo Sing Chye, a former Perak state assembly member, served as politcal secretary to the late P Patto writes about Dr Jeyakumar.

Dr Jeyakumar is a pleasant and a gentle person whose passion to help the poor had always been laced with compassion. Not a strand in him that suggests he is a violent person. Whatever he does transcends well beyond race and religion. He is a true Malaysian without the Indian adjective.

About three weeks ago, I received two books from him, Maaf Tuan Speaker, Saya Tidak Dapat Menyokong which is written by him and the other, Socialist Perspective 3 by Parti Sosialis Malaysia’s selected writers.

I read them both, but when he was charged with ‘waging war’ against our King and reviving the Communist ideology, I felt that we are living in a deflated democracy in which the government has gone overboard with its arrest of its citizens.

Violent inclination? It definitely does not show in his character or in his book.

His book is not seditious nor have any tendency towards violence. His book does not insinuate violence or the call for an armed uprising against the government. His writings showed none of these.

Even the choice of words in the PSM’s banner calling for the removal of the BN government were mild – I mean extremely mild. The choice of the keyword was ‘retire’ not ‘destroy’. ‘Retire’ does not conjure up any image of violence or aggressiveness. It is more of a call for the BN government to ‘leave-in-peace’ rather than a call for its destruction. 

His ideas and belief-system that he had expounded in his book do not stray away from the very position of the left-of-Centre which the present British Labour Party resides and for that matter, the Liberal Party (the present ruling government coalition partner in UK). 

If the Malaysian government insists on calling PSM communist than it is safe to call three quarter of Western Europe as Communist.

Generally, Dr Jeyakumar as I have known him is a soft-left Social Democrat rather than a hard-left Communist. 

The Malaysian Government must not dwell in the past, grow up please! Communism is fast fading away from the world political scene. In China, the teens are queuing up to buy the latest Apple’s I-Pads rather than queuing up to buy Mao’s little Red Book. 

The world has changed and the most unambiguous change is from the Land Above the Wind (Middle East).

Now the only decent thing the government should do is to release Dr Jeyakumar and his colleagues without any precondition.

Martin Jalleh, social activist and writer.

JULY 13 — Bersih 2.0 laid bare the fact that Umno is politically bankrupt. It brought out the same old bag of tricks, treats and threats. It looked like a party in a sordid state of denial and beyond redemption.

Alas, the BN went berserk over Bersih! The coalition continues to be the bane of democracy in Bolehland as it resorts to political moves most base in stifling and stopping Bersih!

The Prime Minister now tries desperately hard to redeem his battered image — which he has largely brought upon himself! Time and again he blundered — and very badly too.

Najib puts on a brave front whilst playing his blame game. He has been blindly led by his advisors and now finds himself in a bind, with a bruised ego and sounding very much like a broken record!

This time a humble woman lawyer of substance and a non-politician outshone him. Each time he attacked her, he reduced himself to a small boy begging for attention and looking for a fight.

The Home Minister did what he is most at home with — he bellowed with rage, and blared out the most bizarre and unimaginable balderdash. But no one bothers anymore with his bark and blather!

Of course the men in blue who looked as though they made up a branch of the Government (or a component of the BN), bowed, bent and did the bidding of their political (pay)master.
A bunch of bullies, their brutality was captured on bountiful clips on the Internet. Yet they unashamedly bulled about their innocence, and the PM and Home Minister added to the bunkum!

Whilst Malaysians refused to buckle, the bosses of the servile mainstream press continued to suck up to their political masters, giving stories a spin and slant that served the government The beleaguered BN continued to bluff itself– all the time! The rakyat refused to buy what it (and its newspapers) were selling!

The Bersih 2.0 march is over but its spirit lives on in many Malaysians – in spite of it being branded “illegal”. The Government can ban all it wants, but the rakyat will not be browbeaten!

The BN’s image has hit rock-bottom. It should begin cleansing its stained credibility and integrity by releasing all who are still “illegally” detained (as a result of their involvement with Bersih)!
Till to date, there is no solid and substantiated basis for the continued detention in particular of Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj and five of his colleagues of the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM).

The Government has reduced itself to a political buffoon by resurrecting the“communist” and “foreign” bogeyman in the arrest and re-arrest of Dr Jeyakumar and the rest.
For a Government that brags so much about transformation and change, deploying Cold War tactics on political rivals in these days only reveals how far behind the times it really is!

Expecting the public to believe that Jeyakumar is trying to revive communist ideology is as ridiculous as saying that Deputy PM Muhyiddin Yassin is intelligent!

Those who know Jeyakumar personally readily vouch for his integrity, his passion for the poor and his principled, patient and peaceful approach. The MP is truly a rare breed politician!

The judiciary has just betrayed its often loud claim of being independent when it delayed today the hearing date of habeas corpus application of Jeyakumar and the five others by a month.
A June 2010 court circular states that such urgent hearing dates must be fixed within a week after filing. The blunt and brutal truth — the judiciary remains beholden to the government.

The longer Jeyakumar and his colleagues remain behind bars, the longer the Government of Malaysia will look bad in the eyes of the world. It has no one to blame but itself.
The Government has to clean up its act. Malaysia sits on the UN Human Rights Council with a laundry list of transgressions. It cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this daylight mockery!

Alas, the Government got more than it bargained for when trying to banish Bersih into oblivion. Najib leads the nation forward into abysmal political backwaters.


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10 years commemoration of the detention and struggle to release the 6 PSM activists from Emergency Ordinance (2011-2021)

14 July 2011

14 Jul – Human Rights Watch urges the government to free immediately and unconditionally the 6 detained Socialist Party members, rescind the charges against another 24 party members already released on bail, and to stop using preventive detention legislation, such as the Emergency Ordinance, against peaceful protesters.

Human Rights Watch urged the government to free immediately and unconditionally the 6 detained Socialist Party members, rescind the charges against another 24 party members already released on bail, and to stop using preventive detention legislation, such as the Emergency Ordinance, against peaceful protesters.


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Stop Israeli genocidal war on the Palestinian people and End the Nakba!

Stop Israeli genocidal war on the Palestinian people and End the Nakba!

Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) condemns in strongest possible terms the continuous brutal military assault by the Israeli armed forces against the Palestinian people.

Gaza Strip which was under siege all this while is currently under attack again by Israel, since 10 May 2021 following the vicious attacks on the Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem, including a plan to forcibly evict Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah and the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque. As of 14 May, at least 126 people, including children, have been killed in the Israeli attacks on Gaza. There are also a number of Palestinian killed in West Bank in the latest episode of violence committed by Israeli forces.

The systemic ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people has been going on since the Nakba, the Catastrophe, 73 years ago. From the day one until today, the Zionist state of Israel is built on the racism, land grabbing, occupation, repression, apartheid, colonialism and state terrorism against the Palestinian people, with the support from the US imperialism. The repressive Israel’s machinery of genocidal war against the Palestinian people is powered by billions dollar of annual grants from the US government.

The militarized state of Israel has turned Gaza Strip into the largest open-air prison in the world with over 2 million population live in a situation of permanent siege and blockade besides military attacks from the Israeli forces from time to time; while Palestinians who live under dire conditions in the occupied East Jerusalem and West Bank cannot travel without having to pass through military checkpoints daily. Palestinian villages and neighborhoods are also facing increasing attacks by Israeli settler who are protected by Israeli armed forces and fueled by far-right Zionist ideology. Tens of thousand of Palestinians has lost their lives because of the atrocities committed by the racist Israeli state since the Nakba, and millions still live as refugees today. We shall not forget the very fact that Israel is the root cause of the violence in the Question of Palestine all this while.

We are deeply concern over the latest round of military attack against the Palestinian people. The latest atrocities of Israeli racist war machine is a reminder to the people of the world that the Nakba has far from ended yet after 73 years.

We call for:

  • An immediate end of Israeli military attack on Gaza;
  • An end to the Israeli occupation in West Bank and Jerusalem;
  • Lifting all blockade on Gaza;
  • International sanction against Israel for its crime against humanity.

There can no lasting peace as long as the racist state of Israel continue its occupation in the Palestinian land.

We express our solidarity with the Palestinian people who are still fighting for their liberation and dignity. The struggle of the Palestinian people for liberation is a struggle against racism, colonialism and imperialism. Their struggle deserves the support and solidarity from everyone who committed to anti-racism, anti-colonialism and anti-imperialism.


Choo Chon Kai
International Bureau PSM

Pakistani Worker’s Death Due to Non Payment of Wages. Murder or Suicide?

A young man ended his life. He didn’t die because of natural causes; he didn’t die in an accident, and he wasn’t killed by Covid-19. He died because he was not paid his wages. He made this very clear in his video in which he showed very clearly who his employer was. The video showed the contrast and class contradiction of the two worlds, the worker’s and his bosses’. We are told that the employer has now paid up the backdated wages and sent the body back with some so-called ‘goodwill money’ no doubt to keep them silent and maintain the peace. Should the story end here?

Can we keep silent? Non-payment of wages is a violation of the right to livelihood – under Article 5 of the Federal Constitution. In this case, a life has been lost due to criminal violation. Serious action must be taken by the authorities.

Pakistani worker Shahzad Ahmad hanged himself because his employer Landseal Sdn Bhd hadn’t paid his wages for five months. Earlier, the worker had released a surreal video of himself making known his decision to end his life as a way out of his desperate financial situation.

There are many questions that demand answers from the government.

Migrant workers are here to earn a living to support their families back home and pay up debts incurred, much of it due to greedy middlemen along their journey here. With low income, there are no savings to fall back on even for a month. Imagine the stress on a worker who has to go without pay for five months at a stretch. No amount of counseling persuading him to live on nothing could have helped this worker: only his wages would have saved him.

How is it possible for an employer who is not a slave master to get away without paying his worker for so many months? Non-payment of wages is a rampant occurrence even when the government is the paymaster, as in the case of school contract workers. But despite it being frequently highlighted, it hasn’t got the serious attention it needs. At most employers get away with a slap on the wrist, resulting in them getting away and then repeating the offence. Now that a life has been lost due to poor enforcement by human resources agencies, will the Ministry of Human Resources take it more seriously?

A common reaction to this incident will be why the worker had to resort to such an extreme measure instead of filing a complaint at the labour office. Do workers have the right to take their complaints to the labour office? Sadly, this right exists only on paper; in reality those who complain face victimization and dismissal. This young Pakistani worker is a victim of this unprotected avenue to justice. The government in its bid to maintain its pro-business stand cannot allow workers to be trampled on in a situation where enforcement is lax, and workers cannot air their grievances.

This tragic incident marks a new low in the way our migrant workers are managed in Malaysia. This will not get better unless the government adopts the recommendations proposed in reports such as that of the Independent Committee on the Management of Foreign Workers, and the MWR2R report, Towards a Comprehensive National Policy on Labour Migration in Malaysia. It is not acceptable that the government continues to leave this sector unregulated and up to the whims and discretion of employers. Despite the strident demands for migrant workers to prevent their businesses from collapsing, due respect for the rights of the migrant workforce, is sorely lacking among employers.

The PSM demands that the government takes serious and immediate action to stop the non-payment of wages, without giving the excuse of a shortage of labour inspectors. The PSM also demands that investigation papers be opened on the employer for contributing to and abetting the suicide by the Pakistani worker.

Mohanarani Rasiah
Coordinator Migrant Desk PSM


Nenggiri Dam: Electricity Tariff Will Go Up, Not Down

Nenggiri Dam: Electricity Tariff Will Go Up, Not Down

The statement by Mohd Amar Abdullah, the Deputy Chief Minister of Kelantan that Nenggiri Dam will bring down electricity tariffs is misleading the people because the electricity tariff will increase.

According to project consultant, UKM Pakarunding Sdn Bhd, Nenggiri Dam will only operate for less than 4 hours per day. Hence, the total operations period is about 2 months per year.

Why is the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government building a dam that will be utilised for only 2 months per year?

According to Suruhanjaya Tenaga’s report, the total over-capacity of power plants (known as the electricity reserve margin rate) will reach 43% in 2027 when Nenggiri Dam starts operations. The recommended optimum electricity reserve margin rate for Peninsular Malaysia is 15%; meanwhile, the federal government approved an electricity reserve margin rate for the period 2025-2029 of 25%.

Why is the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government going against its own electricity policy?

High electricity reserve margin rate will only increase the overall electricity tariff as the power plants’ shareholders receive a fixed payment for the unused power plants.

Why is the PAS leader misleading the people with a statement that electricity tariffs will come down?

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) urges the government to scrap the construction of Nenggiri Dam which will only enrich the crony capitalists by burdening the people and destroying the Orang Asli community’s livelihood.

Issued by:
National Coordinator,
Bureau for Environment & Climate Crisis
Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)

Pemuda PSM Profile: Kesavan

Pemuda PSM Profile: Kesavan

(originally posted at ThinkLeft.Net)

What is your name, age and profession?

Kesavan, 27. I am an activist at Pemuda Sosialis (organising a rural student group at Perak) and still studying at UPM.

What drew you to PSM? When did you join the party?

At first I was interested in the Socialist Youth free education campaign. The mission and ideology of PSM that tries to create a system that does not discriminate and which upholds equality is the second thing that attracted me. Then my seeking for a solution for poverty eradication led me to choose an activist party, which PSM is. After I finished my STPM, I joined PSM.

Why do you think socialism has such a negative reputation among so many people around the world? What do you say to those who discourage you?

Fake propaganda and news are the major reason. Because mainstream media is hugely funded and operated by America and by capitalist countries. But the majority of society wants equality and brotherhood in society, which is the basis of socialism. Moreover in countries like Bolivia and Venezuela, people are electing socialist governments again to be their government because of the good people-oriented policy and programmes that were successfully implemented there. Cuba, the socialist country is the no1 country in public health and education sectors.

How familiar are you with Malaysia’s left wing history? Are there particular leaders you admire?

I know about the contribution of the left movements such as PMFTU, KMM, MPAJA, PKM, API and AWAS in the struggle for independence of Malaya. My inspiration is Ahmad Boestamam and Samsiah Fakeh.

Is there any frustration you feel over PSM’s size and impact? Since Dr Jeyakumar and other candidates were soundly defeated in GE14, has the party been reduced to mosquito status?

There are some disappointments with election results. But the party won many struggles and successfully conducted many campaigns. For example the minimum wage campaign and employee insurance scheme were two of PSM’s major campaigns since the 90s. However the party has a lack of publicity because of low media coverage and financial issues. This is one of the reasons the party is not growing as fast as other parties. Also all the activists in the party are busy focusing on peoples’ struggles rather than recruiting new members.

Do you see any differences between BN and PH rule?

Not much difference. Both are advocating neoliberal policies that suppress workers ’rights and livelihood.

What can be done to broaden PSM’s appeal, particularly among young people and non-Indians?

Our youth wing (Socialist Youth) is getting more and more non-Indian members now. We are very different in terms of ethnicity now. So we think we should continue our good work. At the same time we must continue to reach more youths. The party should also conduct more discussions, workshops and forums with rural youths. In addition, we should promote the PSM internship program to students from time to time.

To join Parti Sosialis Malaysia, please access the application form by clicking on this link!


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Strong in solidarity, never in discrimination

Strong in solidarity, never in discrimination

(From ThinkLeft.Net)

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) welcomes the Federal Court’s decision to rule that Section 28 of the Selangor State Syariah Enactment on the offence of unnatural intercourse is contrary to the Federal Constitution. Section 28 was needlessly used as an oppressive tool by the state to criminalize the sexual orientation of the LGBT community in Malaysia.

PSM is encouraged by the Malaysian LGBT community and their struggle to attain their rights not to be discriminated just because of differences in sexuality and gender. The struggle of the LGBT community in Malaysia is a struggle that also ensures equal rights, justice, and freedom to all Malaysians, to everyone who lives in a country we call ‘merdeka’ or free.

The Federal Court decision has reminded all Malaysians, regardless of our background, to stop criminalization and end discrimination against the LGBT community. PSM would like to remind everyone that Malaysia is a constitutional country and a country made up of various people of different cultures, religions, sexuality and gender.

Any action or law should not discriminate or oppress anyone. Regardless of whether Syariah or Civil, the law must protect the rights to express their sexual orientation. The journey of the LGBT community in Malaysia for equal rights and acceptance is long, but PSM’s support for them is still strong, and we will stand with them in solidarity all the way.

Gender Bureau
Parti Sosialis Malaysia

Wait No More, Act Now!

Wait No More, Act Now!

(Statement in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2021)
by Chong Yee Shan

It’s been one year since Perikatan Nasional (PN) formed a government. Under their governance, we see many incompetent ministries failing to provide adequate policies and enforcement on many issues, especially gender. In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) would like to suggest, Wait No More, Act Now! We have listed the following recommendations:

Enact Sexual Harassment Act

Given the rise in the community on the awareness of acknowledging the signs of sexual harassment either verbally, visually, physically or communicated in writing or electronically,  the current laws and policies that sets out to protect women and sexual minorities are not enough. Existing sexual harassment provision, such as in the Employment Act, is disappointingly enforced and fails to create a safer work environment for women and other minority groups. Therefore, it is crucial to have more gender-sensitive training for all authorities, stakeholders, and medical practitioners to ensure potent enforcement focus on the patriarchal system and its impact on both men and women. The awareness of the maintenance of power and privilege by the dominant group need to be highlighted so that there will be a collaboration of forces to dismantle the dysfunctional system of gender inequality. The Sexual Harassment Act is necessary to protect all genders and sexual minorities and hold the responsible parties accountable.

End Child Marriage

Research shows that child marriage is intimately connected to poverty and is most common in the world’s poorest countries. Although Malaysia is a developing country, child marriages’ presence reflects the lack of attention paid to the impact of low socio-economic status on social issues. Lack of sex education, awareness of children giving consent and perceived messages of one’s cultural system are some examples that perpetuate the issue of child marriages and firmly embedded in the disparity of socio-economic level. When financial resources are limited in a family, child marriages are seen as a way for daughters to be taken care of by another family. Evidence shows that girls who marry off young are more likely to be poor and remain low, especially when traditional gender roles expected to be maintained. Malaysia has ratified the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which meant to protect children and girls from child marriages; the government should develop policies in Malaysia to meet the guidelines of CEDAW and CRC.

Universal Basic Income (UBI)

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many B40 women, especially single mothers, who are the sole providers in the family. The government’s lack of support is evident through the stories of many who are suffering from the loss of income. The PN government have been spending money on efforts to boost the economy. However, there is a lack of attention to significantly impacted economically. This issue can be addressed by government response to provide a modified Universal Basic Income (UBI) to anyone who does not currently have a source of income. This to ensure that everyone in this country is fed and all basic needs are met. Women and girls must be included in any decision-making process as well in all future economic policies. In the longer term, the government must ensure to drive a transformative change in addressing the care work, paid and unpaid. Furthermore, the government must target women and girls to address the socio-economic impact with a gender lens so that women can achieve greater equality and social protection. 

Human Rights of LGBTQI Persons

Discrimination, violation, and witch-hunts toward LGBTQI persons have become more severe in Malaysia. The government’s anti-LGBTQI position shows in politicians scapegoating LGBTQI persons, government appearing lax with conservative groups, anti-LGBT speech and acts, directly causing an increase in violation and hate speech towards LGBTQI persons. Past one year, the witch-hunting of the LGBTQI community from various actors and authorities have increased. The LGBTQI community are living in fear, and they are left in a very vulnerable situation. The government should lead by example, stop all form of hate speech and targeting LGBTQI persons, and necessary steps to protect anyone that threatens to harm LGBTQI person immediately.

For too long, women have been ignored, and those in power, mostly that controlled by men, refused to use a gender lens to see the issues. We hope women’s struggle for equality has triggered people’s realisation to build a movement towards greater gender equality and end gender stereotypes, sexism, and the patriarchal system. We must fight for the traditional gender roles to be erased from the state’s eye to society. This is not the 18th century for men to enjoy their patriarchal “privileges” anymore and time to share the same and shared parental and domestic responsibilities.


Chong Yee Shan is a member of the Central Committee of Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) and PSM’s Gender Bureau coordinator.

PSM convoy in conjunction with International Women’s Day

Wait No More, Act Now!